Individual Privacy

No kidding.

As India’s first customer intelligence solution, focusing into comprehensive predictive data analytics based on consumer movement, consumer behavior & city planning, we take privacy and data protection policies seriously! Delivered as a plug and play device, using Wi-Fi technology, our revolutionary mathematically model enables businesses like Food & Beverage, Retail, Malls, Events and Airports to analyze existing marketing concerns, fathom service level irregularities, increase operational productivity and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

We respect individual privacy.

Businesses along with their marketing strategies are transforming from traditional tactics to analytics. While marketers are using the confluence of Wi-Fi technology, mobile device ubiquity, boom in the application economy and cloud services to channel its transition to data-driven strategies that deliver measurable results, the benefits and risks of responsible data practices are being debated. Echoing legal data protection guidelines, we respect individual privacy and have designed our product’s technological capability to be passive and anonymous. We do not collect personal data at any point of the value chain. To further use this data, all participating clients/third party must comply with the requisite legality and statutes for data protection.

De-personalizing data.

The product (sensors), collect basic device information that is broadcasted by Wi-Fi enabled smartphones. The broadcasted signals help understand the presence of a device, a unique identity known as Media Access Control (MAC) address, signal strength and the device manufacturer. The MAC address does not disclose the device owner's real-world identity or any other personal data. To further, prevent any malicious misuse of this 12 digit string of letters and numbers called MAC address, we hash this data to de-personalize the same before processing and storage. It is computationally infeasible to obtain the original data from hashed data and we do not attempt to do so. Thus, assuring strict consumer data privacy. We use this hashed data to provide aggregated analytics to clients in the form of advanced data visualization, delivering businesses actionable data driven solutions, to enhance consumer experience as well as add value to intuitive business decisions. The analytics report provided to clients does not associate any data to individuals, nor does it provide any depiction of an individual’s personal behavior.

Opt-out maybe.

An individual can enter their Wi-Fi MAC address here to ensure the opt-out is effective across all participating clients. Turning off the device’s Wi-Fi will also prevent the MAC address from being detected. Collaboration with Future of Privacy Forum. Protection against data breaches and strengthening privacy policies on a global front, will be the difference between staying in business and going out of business. Part of our stated company strategy is to expedite go-to-market strategies and our partnership with Future of Privacy Forum will help us deliver the best responsible data practices across national & international markets. Going forward, RadioLocus is focused on a specific set of intuitive and personalized analytics reporting with major advancements in product functionality and security.