Why Radiolocus

For eons vendors have tried various offline devices to track the behavior of their customers. Customer behavior is the driving force to increase sales and profitability. Out of all the offline consumer behavior tracking devices out there in the world, RadioLocus is the most advanced of them all.

Here are certain product features of RadioLocus that demonstrate why it’s the cutting-edge technology as compared to the other available methods used by retailers, stores, restaurants, etc.

1. Fostering Analysis: The RadioLocus technology not only gathers data but also converts it into customer intelligence. This, in simple terms means that it provides data regarding the behavior of the customers that can be later used to the advantage of the store.

2. Math & Metrics: Its metrics includes the street flow opportunity that showcases the potential customers that pass by in front of the store and also how many of them walk into the store.

3. Dwell-Time Analysis: It also helps understanding the dwell time of the customers, which is nothing but the amount of time a customer spends per visit to the store.

4. Walk-outs and return customer intelligence: RadioLocus also gathers information on the customers that walk out of the store without making any purchase. Alternately, it also tells us about the visit frequency of a customer.

5. Stay spot scrutiny: This one-of-a-kind metrics helps you figure out the hot spots/stay spots of the store. The spots and sections that attract maximum customers. The insights of this section can then help better this section and also the other lesser popular sections of the store.

6. Cross-store analytics: RadioLocus is not only for one store but its metrics helps you analyze activity across multiple stores.

7. Rate of engagement: RadioLocus helps to understand customer engagement, thus helping to observe its relation the sales and customer loyalty. At the moment in the market, there is no other technology in the market that matches RadioLocus in Its robust offline customer behavior tracking technology.