Hot v/s Cold Zones

Do you know the visitor count across all your stores? More importantly, do you know the visitor count of each store and the different sections within it?

As a retailer, you not only need to know how many visitors your entire store attracts, but also, how many visitors visit a specific product group or department in-stores. This will help you discover, how effective a certain product group / category / section is when it comes to actual sales.

And how can you track this data?

RadioLocus helps you determine this zonal data of your stores. Its resourceful technology offers the opportunity, as never before, to determine the visitor patterns not only across stores, in a particular store but in a particular section of the store as well.

On an overall level you might be able to convert 20% of visitors into buyers, but without understanding what your conversion rate is, per department or product group, you cannot achieve an understanding of what part your merchandising decisions have been successful. This is where RadioLocus steps in and helps you use this data for a successful strategic tactic for visitor conversions.

Understanding the pull of your product groups on a department level is imperative to understand how products entice visitors and how well the display of products for specific product groups is performing. The spaces which have the most pull with regards to the density of customers in the store are termed as Hot Spots.

What can be done after finding the Hot Spots?

As a proficient retailer you must find the hot spots of your store, the areas where maximum customers spend their time and make it better.

Use your creativity to make the hot spots even more exciting and appealing and place ads for the other lesser visited sections of the store to enable traffic redirection.

Once you determine the time they’re spending at the Hot Spot, with the help of RadioLocus, you can use the aesthetics and appeals of the hot spots as a guideline for the other lesser visited spots of the store.