Wifi v/s Others

When it comes to data gathering, there are a lot of methods and technology available in the market. But, most of them are troublesome or time-consuming in terms of installation, maintenance and processing. Deployment is an uphill task and understanding the data gathered is a different ball game all together.

Given these hindrances, retail stores in India still give emphasis on the use of traditional methods where the watchman does a count or the store sales employees gather their information on the basis of their observation. This kind of manual method is precarious and uncertain. The data collected could be erroneous and thus leaves a lot of scope for doubt & speculation.

Another type of technology that may seem great but has its limitations is mobile app installation. For E.g. iBeacons, it works only with an app & utilizes battery cell. The percentage of consumers who download an app is very low (less than 5%). Eventual maintenance and upgrade of battery operated devices will be difficult. There are other methods like Walk in sensors, but they cause duplication because they cannot determine a person uniquely. Some retailers also make use of cameras, but that can only do a head count, the cameras need to be positioned correctly and they cannot determine amount of time spent in a large store. GPS based equipment’s are good but they do not work in indoor location, it’s the same with Bluetooth, not many people have their Bluetooth on and it has coverage issues and with GSM the accuracy of pinpointing is affected. RadioLoucs on the other hand has revolutionized the method by using the WiFi technology.

Compared to the other technologies available RadioLocus’ Wifi one is the best because:
- It’s cost effective.
- The deployment and installation is easy.
- It protects consumer privacy and also has a high accuracy of location pinpointing.
- It doesn’t require a mobile app to work. As customers walk in to a physical store with their wifi-enabled smart phone devices, we capture broadcast signals from these devices.
- It helps determine customers uniquely and has higher data set.