Metrics Across Zones

The Indian retail segment is one of the most vibrant industries in the country today. Retailers are constantly trying to innovate, establish a top-of-the-mind recall for their brand in the minds of the customers and increase the sales. Through CRM softwares, retailers have a wealth of information from the sales data that is collected, but this still acts as a horse blinder.

To get the overall picture retailers need to have a technology that they could use to study the behavior of customers once they enter the store and also across all their stores. They need something that will help them analyze and implement new strategies to increase their reach to the customers. RadioLocus is the only available technology that helps retailers understand the interactive patterns of the customers on the basis of the time they spend in your store. This occurrence is called Dwell time.

This technology by RadioLocus that captures the customer’s dwell time helps the retailers to know exactly where their customers spent their time, which sections they were attracted to, or which sections didn’t make the cut.

If you’re a retailer, with RadioLocus you can now find out the ‘Dwell Time’ of your customers in your stores. It’s a metric that showcases the behavior of the potential customers once they enter your store. It helps your store to identify how much time a customer spends in particular section of the store, the success of marketing campaigns and various store performances across locations. It is known that the higher the time spent by a customer in your store; the higher the sales. This valuable data once gathered can be used to lure the customers and enable them to linger on in the store for a little more time than they otherwise would.

Why does RadioLocus have an edge over the other available metrics when it comes to dwell time?

RadioLocus is a first-in-kind product and metrics for the Indian retail market. There is no other technology available in India that can communicate how much time a customer is spending in your store and in what section of your store. Right now; all the data accumulated is through physical observations by the sales staff and the staff on the payment counter, solely on the basis of their gut feeling and instinct. But RadioLocus enables the retailers to capture more accurate data on the basis of the behavioral pattern of the customers once they’ve entered the stores. This is an advantage because unlike manual/human observations the data accumulated via RadioLocus is measurable and that is not only for one store but across all the stores. The gathered data that RadioLocus provides can help you to make day-to-day, store -level marketing and retail decisions, not on the basis of intuition but facts and specifics.

How according to us can retailers increase dwell time?
- All about the face value: Make sure your store has a welcoming feel to it; keep it simple, vibrant and attractive throughout.
- Customer’s demand: The basis of this is to give the customers what they’re looking for. Make sure there’s a balance between supply and demand.
- Ambience: Set the mood right with great music and relaxed feel.
- Efficient customer service: Make sure that the customers get efficient service the staff should be proactive and enthusiastic in their approach.
- Easy Customer Interaction: Customers want their shopping experience to be easy going and fulfilling and that is what the store needs to bear in mind.
- Social Proof: Talk about trends and popularity of products to help the customer know what the standing of that particular product in the social arena.