Stay Spots Analysis

Determining the stay spots of the visitors across various categories within the stores is crucial, but it’s also important to be able to measure this data. Upon analysis, the retailers can then discern what the stay spots are doing right and what the other sections are doing wrong. They can devise a plan to further improve the other sections so as to match the appeal of the stay spots.

As a retailer, have you ever wondered if there is a way to track and measure stay spots?

Well, yes, with RadioLocus you can now find the hottest area in your store. The area that attracts most customers, the time spent and also repeat customers.

With RadioLocus’ one-of-a-kind technology retailers can measure visitors stay spots, discover why that particular section in the store is attracting the potential customers to spend time in a particular area and find out whether the sale is in accordance with the time spent by the visitor in different sections of the store.

Since the stay spots have the most attention from the prospective customers, you can lead customers from the stay spot to the other cold areas of the store, especially the ones that might be performing badly when compared.

This can be done through various ways:
- One way is to put up an appealing in-store video display of the items of the cold area at the stay spot.
- This would help in getting the attention of the customer to the lesser popular sections of the store.
- You could put up offers on the cold area products in the stay spots to direct traffic to that area.

RadioLocus and its efficient stay spot metrics helps you gain zonal data that when later analyzed can help in figuring out the hot zones. This in turn can be helpful to better that area and also the lesser visited ones as well. Stay spot compared with sales data helps you understand whether the attraction due to visual merchandise is actually converted to sales or people have to wait for a longer time because they are not getting proper services from your on floor staff.