Radiolocus Methodology

Imagine getting into the minds of your customers to derive your business decisions. Sounds like a scene from the movie Inception, doesn’t it? Well, what if we told you, that IS possible and Radiolocus is the answer.

A different technology from that which exists today, Radiolocus, provides you with an offline consumer behavior tracking device and metrics. Something every retailer has been waiting for!

How does it work?

Deployment is no biggie for, RadioLocus it comes with plug and play sensors which install in less than two minutes. Each of the sensors need a power connection and only few of them require the internet connection.

As customers walk in to a physical store with their Wi-Fi-enabled smart phone devices, we capture broadcast signals from these devices. This method is unlike any other present in the market at the moment. We encrypt each device address with a one way hashing function to protect privacy of consumers. We process the captured data to generate reports. Needless to say, clients have access to all the reports.

What about the privacy of the customers?

We at RadioLocus respect individual privacy and have designed our technology to be passive and anonymous. No personal data like phone number, email address, card detail etc. is collected or accessible.

Our sensors collect only basic device information that is broadcasted by Wi-Fi enabled phones. The broadcasted signals help us understand the presence of a device, a unique identifier known as the Media Access Control (MAC) address, signal strength and the device manufacturer. The MAC address does not disclose the device owner's real-world identity nor does it disclose any other personal data.

We use this data to provide aggregated analytics to our clients which helps them improve consumer experience as well as justify their business decisions. The report that we provide to our clients does not attempt to associate any data to individuals, nor does it provide any depiction of an individual’s behavior.

Here are some of the Product Benefits:
1. No Infrastructure Required
2. No Manpower Required
3. No System Required
4. No Wireless Internet Access Required
5. Remote Data Capture
6. Backend Analysis of Data
7. All KPIS Stored in Cloud
8. Remote Dashboard Access

If you think it’s time you got into the minds of your customers and understand their behavior, for your business stratgey, RadioLocus is the way to go.